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How It Works?

We provide seafood boiling services to select large vacation rental properties in the Gulf Shores area.  After booking a time, we contact you to design your boil menu.  On your boil date, we procure the selected items from local merchants and cook them in your home.  The in-home process takes a couple of hours, and we leave your kitchen just as we found it.  We pride ourselves in offering a unique interactive experience for you and your family. 


How much does it cost?

Some costs are fixed, and some costs are variable.  At 5 O'clock Seafood boil, you also design your own menu.  Typically cost range from $65 to $40 per person.

What items are available for a seafood boil?

One of the many benefits of living on or visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast is the easy access to delicious seafoodBecause you design your own menu each boil is custom. Here are some of our specialty items.

Snow Crab Legs.

Lobster Tails

Fresh off the boat Shrimp.

Baby Dutch Potatoes

Locally Sourced Sausage


Corn on the cob

Garlic Bulbs

Any other items you would like to add just ask.  We do our best to accommodate all request.

How many people can you accommodate.

We prefer groups from 15-40 people.  We can accommodate other group sizes.

Do I need to do anything prior to your arrival?

 We do ask to clear your sink and the counter space beside your sink.  This way we have space to work and prepare your food. We will leave this area just as we found it.  Additionally, empty the kitchen trash can.  Having fun makes a lot of garbage.  

Will you use my dishes?

Your select home has been pre-stocked with the equipment to complete a seafood boil.  All items are served on disposable trays.  Your price even includes paper towels, a seafood boil necessity.   There will be no dishes to wash guaranteed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We bill each service in 2 installments, a deposit up front and a boil fee at the event. Your deposit is payable with any major credit card.  Your boil fee is payable by credit card, or we do accept cash.  

What are 5 reasons I should we use 5 O'clock Seafood boil?

1. No waiting in line at local restaurants.

2. Cost effective for groups of 15-40 people.  

3. It's a fun interactive experience for you and your family.

4. Everything you need is included except alcohol.

5. Freshest seafood you can find at the beach.  

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